A fantasy companion for the discerning and adventurous gentleman. 

As a Domme, I am refined, strict, and sadistic. Highly trained, I am a sought-after presenter at lifestyle and bondage conventions across North America, where my classes on bondage, torture and humiliation allow me to share my passion for the pleasure in pain.

Physically, I am a 29-year-old petite powerhouse, with classically beautiful bone structure and an athlete's muscular curves. My hair is naturally nearly black, highlighting the creamy whiteness of my skin, and surprisingly pale grey-blue eyes. My current measurements are 37-25-37, and I maintain a small bush, shaved sides, labia and elsewhere. 

Intensely imaginative, I enjoy keeping you on your toes (if you beg for it, I might even suspend you there) I'm ever adaptive, a lover of creative scenes and powerful experiences.

My commanding presence and vivacious imagination combined with years of training (both physically and sexually) gives me the strength, ingenuity, and graceful athleticism to dominate the bedroom and beyond with finesse. Don't be fooled by my small stature- my well-muscled curves and trained reflexes are ready to reduce you to a puddle on the floor.

I am most highly trained in the art of bondage, but my experiences learning and training with the best kink educators in North American allows me the great pleasure to say that with the exception of advanced piercing and medical play, fire play, and the more extreme forms of electroplay (I don't possess the equipment), there is very little in the world of kink that I have not personally experienced. I take particular delight in humiliation and degradation, piss play, role play, corporal punishment, and predicament bondage. However no reasonable request for play will go unconsidered. If your ideal fantasy scene requires specialty equipment, it may require some time and additional fees to realize.

I appreciate a man who appreciates my taste in footwear, and delight in the objectification of a properly restrained human footstool. I enjoy a creatively refined manner in my own appearance and service, my wardrobe of stockings, dresses, beautiful lingerie and corsets, and luxurious leather reflecting this. On the lighter end of the spectrum, I love to be made to laugh, and whether its laughing at your predicament, your pain, or that terrible pun you just cracked, ultimately, I'm all about having a good time in the bedroom and out.

Let my sultry voice guide to to the depths of depravity, or the heights of sensuality. My twisted mind and wicked mouth are yours to discover.