Your porcelain passport to adventure


Tifereth (ti-fair-et) from Hebrew, “Adornment”, the sixth sefira in the kabbalistic Tree of Life. It has the common association of "Spirituality", "Balance", "Integration", "Beauty", "Miracles", and "Compassion".

Who the heck is Tifereth?

For starters, you can call me Tif ;)

A companion. An adventure junkie. A professional performer. A lover for the ages. A woman with too many bottles of expensive scotch to drink all by herself. Book lover, MCU aficionado, secret dork. My vacations are spent in museums, my days both on and off are spent expanding my art practice. My condo is never not stuffed with projects on the go.

In person you'll find me confident, worldly and self-possessed, an ideal dinner companion to discuss art, politics, or simply the troubles of your day.


I delight in new experiences both in and out of the bedroom, and love helping people expand and explore their own sexuality. As a professional Japanese rope bondage (Shibari) educator I’ve had the privilege of sharing my art with people across the world - it as well as many other BDSM practices are areas of play I love indulging in. I’m uniquely well-equipped for adventurous moments in the bedroom, so feel free to ask and I’ll happily show you all of my toys!

Prefer something a little more vanilla? I’m a total cuddle monster. I genuinely enjoy getting to know people, whether over a beautiful meal or just at home curled up on my couch together sharing a pot of tea or something stronger.

Wondering about my menu? I'm not a restaurant. Beyond that, I would prefer to explore your mind as you probe mine to discover where our compatibilities lie. 

 Whether out for a round of delicious locally brewed IPAs or a nuanced glass of pinot noir, exploring the latest exhibit at the AGO or whiling away the hours between the sheets, I can't wait to share some quality time with you.

It was one of those experiences that you realize is great in the moment, but without the benefit of time and reflection (and also I was more exhausted than I realized), can’t quite grasp and fully appreciate just how amazing it is. I’ve had plenty of time to reflect at this point and I literally can’t stop thinking about it. It was/you are, in a word, unparalleled.