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After many years as Tifereth, its time for a change. With my career as an artist taking off, and after being outed last November by a careless performer liaison I’ve come to accept that its finally time for a little more separation between my two lives. While I’m sad to see Tifereth the provider go, I can’t wait to share everything I have planned for Isla with you all. A big thank you to everyone who supported me as Tifereth over the years, you’ve made such a wonderful impact on my life and I sincerely hope to continue to share all sorts of fabulous things with you as Isla.


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Will I still be able to book time with you?
Yes, I’m not quitting the industry, just changing my name.

What name should I call you in person now?
Isla if you like, although I’ll still happily answer to Tif if that’s who you’ve always known me as.

Why Isla David?
Isla for the place where my favourite scotch is from, and David to hang onto my jewish roots.